About Celene's Angels

Our amazing team of board members and activities committee members are ALL VOLUNTEERS.  
We work hard to raise funds to sustain the charity and financially support applicants who are undergoing breast cancer surgery, chemotherapy, and/or radiation and reside in the counties of Allegheny, Fayette, Washington, and Westmoreland, PA. We also provide fun educational experiences for applicants throughout the year. Everything is done out of the goodness of our hearts. Knowing that making a difference to someone going through treatment is the most important goal we have.
We are always looking for volunteers to join us on our mission to helping others. Do you want to help? Click on the GET INVOLVED button below to learn more!

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Our Mission

Giving hope by helping provide necessities to those in need during breast cancer treatment to lessen the burden of the men and women in Pennsylvania in the following counties: Allegheny,  Fayette, Washington and Westmoreland.

Our History

Over the past 16 years our TEAM of "Angels" has graciously volunteered their time to raise money for various non-profit charities in honor and now in memory of Celene's Mom, Claudia Knaus, who was a breast cancer survivor for over 21 years.  Claudia went "home" on March 14, 2015.  On April 23, 2018, at 9:00 while at work in a medical office, Celene would receive a phone call from her doctor that nobody wants to receive, it was that moment that changed her life in an instant.  Now she would face a breast cancer diagnosis and journey.  
Celene underwent a partial mastectomy on 5/22/2018 at Cancer Treatment Centers of America, who would have thought the surgery was the easy part?  She would also require chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy.Through the following months, she would learn firsthand the many struggles of going through treatment, being unable to work, the financial impact, and the emotional impact on her and her family.  With 9 major hospitalizations, everything from bilateral pulmonary embolisms (blood clots in both lungs) to sepsis infection, neutropenia, and various other issues due to infection and chemo complications.  As she pushed forward, many of her lifelong friends would step forward to help as well as childhood friends, grade school, middle school, and high school friends and family and extended family would step forward to "help brighten her days" and provide meals, various gifts and most importantly prayers.
Her gratitude for her family and friends (Whom she calls ANGELS) who rallied around her and helped her in so many ways, she knew she was very blessed.  It was during this time it was clear and we realized the need to form a non-profit charity to help others who may not have the support she received.  
February 14, 2020, Celene would again received a phone call from her oncologist with results from a Mammogram, MRI, and Ultrasound, it was highly suspicious for a local recurrence of breast cancer.  Celene underwent a biopsy on 2/20/2020 and subsequently 2/21/2020 received a phone call confirming a local recurrence.  At that time as COVID was stopping procedures in local hospitals, Celene's surgeon took her case to the tumor board 3 times and to the board of the hospital twice to have her approved for surgery as soon as possible.  On 3/24/2020 she underwent a segmental mastectomy and several weeks later started radiation treatment which she completed on 6/8/2020.  With many obstacles from her journey, she continues treatment for various post-diagnosis/treatment complications and is slowly beginning to regain her independence and wellness.  
As her close family and friends, we wanted Celene's dream to come true, in late 2019 the dream of helping others who struggle financially during treatment came true.  The dream is to help in the form a non-profit in her honor to cheer her on and in celebration of her mother Claudia's life.   It was through these journeys Celene's Angels was founded.

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Our Team of Volunteers

Event Committee

April 22, 2024

Mike Petre

"Experiencing it firsthand in 2018 and 2020 with my wife Celene in treatment I was happy to step up to contribute to this amazing cause."

April 12, 2024

Joel Patton

April 12, 2024

Nancy Rice

April 12, 2024

Heidi Winslow

April 12, 2024

Leza Vivio

April 12, 2024

David Rice


Beth Hudock

Vice President

"I have been part of a wonderful group of people who have helped raise money for Breast Cancer charities for many years before we formed our charity."

Shelley Miller


Becky Polimeni


Celene Petre

President & Founder

"After having lost my mother Claudia Knaus to metastatic breast cancer in 2015 our team had been doing yearly events for other non-profits to help find the cure for over 15 years. When we learned in 2017 (after Hurricane Harvey the news exposed many salaries of executives of charities) that other charities paid their leadership hefty salaries we knew we had to change that and make a real difference. Subsequently, I was diagnosed in 2018, and once treatment was completed our team promptly filed for the 501C3 non-profit charity. Subsequently in 2020 during the pandemic, I went through treatment again for a local recurrence. During treatment, I met many people who needed help, and I knew we were the group to do it. Onward and upward we proceeded and have been helping those in need that are treatment since 2019."